Our Strategy

We believe that multifamily investing should be viewed from the local level, utilizing a deep understanding of community and regional dynamics to make informed, timely and effective decisions. Leveraging this perspective, in combination with in-depth data analysis, we invest in communities where we can add value. By doing so, we are able to better the resident experience, increase cash flow and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

At the Intersection of Capital & Community

FPM Partners has the experience, knowledge and network to execute on our strategy: we have a strong presence in a range of high-growth, underappreciated markets and know how to find opportunities where we can create value through capital and operational repositioning.

Why Multifamily?

Attractive Risk Profile 
Rising Demand and Insufficient New Supply
Stability Across Cycles
Inflation Hedge
Tax Benefits

Why FPM Partners?

Direct Deal Sourcing
Proprietary Investment Sourcing
Ability to source and acquire opportunities on a direct basis
Local Perspectives
Local Perspective
Asset selection and value enhancement strategies based on bottom-up community analysis
Institutional Quality
Attractive Niche
Sub-institutional investment opportunities in growing markets
Focused Mission
Focused Mission
Decades of dedicated multifamily investing and operating experience
Active Management
Experienced, institutionally-trained team oversees assets from cradle-to-grave
Unique Access
Emphasis on Affordability
Improved communities offer superior yet affordable living conditions

Geographic Reach

Combining sophisticated execution capabilities with local knowledge, we apply our strategy to high-barrier-to-entry markets with significant growth potential.

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